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Uncompromising …but not unpredictable

The Avinton is a tame beast

Feel in complete harmony with the motorcycle and the road, even at low speeds. Slip into first gear and begin to feel the generosity and strength of its spirit. This strength becomes clear the moment you climb on for the first time.

Beyond compare If you know you love it, why explain yourself?

Why did we decide to create an ultra-torquey engine with S&S? Because nowadays, the perfect motorcycle must have a dizzying torque to guarantee maximum thrills on the rolling or winding roads we all dream of whenever the sunlight makes us feel the urge to set off towards new horizons. You won’t find this bike anywhere else.

The thrill of the ride A fusion of senses and physical contact. This is the opposite of a computer-assisted motorcycle

Avinton has chosen S&S

This American engine designer is famous in the world of competitions and NHRA Pro-Stock Dragsters. This 1,647 cm3 engine was developed with our staff exclusively for Avinton. In terms of performance, reliability and robustness it is simply outstanding. The standard torque is exceptionally strong and will go from 170 Nm at 3,000 rpm/min. to 262 km/h at 5,500 rpm/min. The torque on the full power version goes from 185 Nm at 3,000 rpm/min. to 215 Nm at 5,500 rpm/min.

No options We build your customised motorcycle by hand and to your specifications

Sommières, in the département of Gard, at the foot of the Cévennes, is where Avinton manufactures its motorcycles. The word manufacture might seem a bit old-fashioned, but its Latin origins perfectly express the idea of ‘hand-made’. Your motorcycle is designed in partnership with you. During a private meeting with our team, you examine and select all the features that will make your motorcycle unique and bespoke. You can approve the different parts of your motorcycle at every step of the manufacturing process, to make sure that we are meeting your requirements and requests. Made by hand in France to your specifications, the result is a motorcycle that will only ever belong to you and you alone.

0% nostalgia, 100% technology The best surround themselves with the best

The Café Racer concept comes from 1960s England, when leather-clad bad boys with slicked-back hair zipped around London from café to café to the sound of BSA, Norton, AJS, Triumph and other Matchless motorcycles. Handlebar bracelets and rearsets gave these urban motorcycles a decidedly sophisticated look as they sped between Rock and Roll concerts, often spreading fear as they crossed the city. This was a rebellion without a cause being lived out by a young post-war generation at odds with mainstream society. Avinton feels no nostalgia for those days, and although we might sympathise with the sense of rebellion, we are not fans of ‘vintage’, preferring instead to look ahead. A long way ahead! It’s the best way when you are riding an exceptional motorcycle. This is why Avinton is reinventing the Café Racer, giving it the best brakes, suspension, engine, lights, carburation and injection available. We don’t just assemble, we create, which is why – on your Avinton – you will only find equipment developed in partnership with you, from design right through to manufacture.

Temptation, temptation The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it - Oscar Wilde

Visit our factory and test ride an Avinton on the winding country roads of Cévennes, where its massive torque can reach its full potential. Make an appointment to spend an unforgettable day with us…

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