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How does a test Ride Work at Avinton?


It’s time to go for it

Our Avinton teams will be delighted to show you our range and our brand. What’s your favourite model? The Race, GT or Roadster?

We’ll make your Avinton according to your tastes and colours, whether you’re an occasional hobbyist or an experienced rider. Like all our bikes, we’ll handcraft it just for you. Have you already scoured just about every dealership, in search of the Holy Grail? No need to look any further – the name Avinton says it all.


We’ll take care of everything, but the best treatment will be reserved for you!

We’ll pick you up when you arrive at Montpellier airport or railway station.

  • Breakfast at the factory
  • Meet the team
  • Visit the factory
  • Presentation of Avinton models
  • Briefing
  • The fun begins...
  • Private test ride with experienced guidance from the technical director or the brand’s official rider. Enjoy both the bike and the surrounding Cévennes countryside
  • Test debrief
  • Lunch
  • Simulation and estimation for your project
  • Return trip to Montpellier airport or station


Avinton testimonial

Just to say hello to everyone and share my joy. I just can’t get enough of my machine! And tell all your clients that while there’s no limit to how low their bikes can lean, some impressive wear on their boots from the tarmac will soon set them straight. It’s a pity I don’t have even 5 km of straight road ahead of me here in the Ardèche. No worries – I still think of you all every time I go for a ride... What an adventure the Avinton experience is, from A to Z! Who could ask for anything more? Keep up the good work!

Claric T.
Avinton testimonial

It shows me a road as pretty as a picture, and that's just what I am on my Avinton 1640 Roadster. We’ve done a fair few kilometres and I’m constantly telling myself this is a new world. I’m like Christopher Columbus on wheels! What can I say? We’re light years away from everything else, from the humdrum scooter I usually ride. Far from the extreme sophistication of such hi-tech electrics that you’d need to be a NASA expert to understand them. And a world away from those ultra-sporty bikes which make you feel like Marc Marquez, only he doesn’t have speed cameras to contend with. I know my bikes, believe me, and the Avinton is something else! This Avinton is a pure pleasure machine. And it’s a pleasure best enjoyed solo – there are no two seaters. It’s the perfect definition of luxury.

Extract from the article by Jean Louis Bernardelli
Avinton testimonial

I don’t like, but i love this bike. the frame and the engine are perfect and the brake system is really good !!

Hanif (Malaysia)

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